Who am I?

Hi, I'm Stijn, a 29-something-year-old full-stack web developer 💻 with a strong educational background in software engineering. For the moment I am focused on front-end development (Typescript, React, Redux, ...).
Besides front-end, I also have some experience in the backend (Node.js, SQL, NoSQL, ...).

For the moment I live in Belgium (Kortrijk)🇧🇪. When I'm not working I love to hang out with friends and play some board games 🃏. I also love to travel, just to see our beautiful world and escape the work-life. Going on a road trip or just spending some time in nature with a hike is something I would never say no to. And when I'm traveling I always have a camera with me to capture those moments in life 📷.

And that's why I started doing Photography. In my Gallery you can find all the pictures I made through the years, you can have a look and download them if you want to. You can also find me on Instagram .
More info about me as the photographer is available on my other website:

You can also follow me on social media:
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